CLOSURE UPDATE--Look at the "Work at Home" Tab....OR Look under Files and Documents for targets sheets/calendars/optional information

Office Hours:  Fridays
Math 7 (periods 1 and 2): 1:30-2:00
Math 7 Extended (period 3 and 7):  2:00-2:30
Zoom codes may be found in "Work From Home" folder each week--on the Virtual Schoolhouse Document.

Quizizz Live each Wednesday @ 11am

CODES are in TEAMS and emailed.

About me----Welcome to a new school year 2019-2020.   I am a native of Prince William County Schools and am very excited to continue teaching at GVMS.  Math is awesome and my passion.  I've been teaching middle school math for over 20 years.  I've been at GVMS still we opened in 2007.  I have three amazing kids, aged 12, 8 and 4.5.  

Go Team Orion

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CHECK OUT the News and Announcement page for important info and Files for extra target sheets.

Schedule:   Period 1 Math 7
                Period 2 Math 7
                Periods 3  EXT Math 7
Periods 4 & 5- Encore classes (Planning)
                Period 6   *Team Time  M-1st/T-2nd/W-5th/R-6th/F-1st 
                 Lunch (help is available)
                 Period 7  EXT Math 7
        after school--help is offered by appointment (mostly on Wednesdays) until 330--must have a parent pick-up/ride available and MUST have prior approval to stay after